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LOG CELL (Cell-2) (m/f)


The LOG function is a specific and well-known force of MSF. Beyond the fulfillment of basic logistical needs, the LOG function is a solution-driven and innovative force that helps to build and realize operational objectives;

The LogCell plays a front role in developing operational tactics: Our capacity to unfold and maintain our activities in the field, even under the most critical conditions;

In other words, the LogCell collaborates closely in the definition of the how of operations' strategy in order to be able to anticipate and define the appropriate tactics / solutions;

To feed the Operational Cell dynamics, she/he brings an analysis complementary to that of other cells' members.

On operational topics and problems addressed in the scope of the HQ functioning and organisation

  • The LogCell ensures the implementation of actions via her/his understanding of operational strategies and objectives
  • She/he is appointed to a cell in order to elaborate and monitor the deployment of operational tactics
  • She/he supervises and supports the LOG Coordinators and is accountable for them
  • She/he is the representative of operations for her/his Cell within the LOG department
  • She/he is the interface between the LOGs under her/his supervision; the cell and the LOG Back-Office and LOG Resources Unit
  • She/he acts as representative of the field at HQ and as HQ representative at field level. A good & dynamic balance is needed for optimal support to field and enriching the HQ with field realities

Specifics to the Cell-2 Operations

Currently the portfolio includes: Italy, Serbia, Greece Search & Rescue in med, Egypt, Algeria & Mauritania

Cell-2 is in charge of operations related to the “Migrant Crisis” in the Mediterranean:

  • These operations can be extremely volatile in needs and often require an important LOG input
  • These operations require innovative approaches and solutions to be identified at short notice
  • They require close collaboration with the CO and MedCell in order to anticipate and communicate as early as possible on the upcoming trends
  • They require that the LogCell have an effective “Project Manager” approach and a strong delegation capacity in order to free himself from energy consuming tactical developments

Specifics to the LogCell-2 position

  • The position of LogCell-2 is part of a decentralized team of OCB
  • Being the only LOG based in Rome, the LogCell-2 must be capable of working autonomously and have clear communication skills towards the LOG-Department
  • It is expected that the LogCell-2 play an active role in the LOG-Department developments as well as taking care of operations at cell level
  • As is already the case for the CO-2 and the MedCell-2, it is necessary for the LogCell-2 to be present in Brussels around 20 to 30% of his working time
  • This implies that he shall be more mobile than the other LogCells as he will be very often spending time in Brussels as well as in the field
  • Management lines :
    • She/he is the Mission LOG Coordinators Functional manager;
    • She/he is under the line management of The Cell Coordinator of Operations and under the functional management of the LOG Front Office Coordinator.


Defines / Workouts the methods and means to deploy and run our operations

  • Co-defines with the medical teams the necessary quality of environment for the beneficiaries;
  • Co-defines with the medical teams the necessary quality of services needed for the medical teams’ activities.


  • Works out the LOG set-up and management required to realize operations objectives;
  • Works out the expected results within a well-defined timeframe;
  • Works out the effective use of all necessary LOG-related means; mobilizes and maintains their operational capacity;
  • Estimates and manages the budget of the LOG activities planned and monitors the results.

Defines and capitalizes on the use of specific products for operations

  • Defines & validates the necessary products for our operations;
  • Defines & validates the support line and resources for those products;
  • Defines, validates & works out the methods and means of monitoring, evaluating and readjusting these products;
  • Defines, validates and works out the methods and means of collecting lessons learnt in order to readjust and update standards.

Ensure smooth running of MSF facilities

  • Works out the necessary products and facilities - including health structures, bases, offices, stocks, and the packages of equipment necessary for their good functioning;
  • Defines an effective and efficient way of using, maintaining and of disposing of them;
  • Validates the resources necessary to that effect;
  • Works out the methods and means of monitoring, evaluating and readjusting these products/facilities.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of the LOG function in humanitarian interventions of OCB;
  • Minimum 5 years MSF experience;
  • Minimum 2 years as LOG Coordinator for MSF;
  • Experience as Field Co or HoM is an asset;
  • Good oral and written communication in English and French is necessary.

The ideal candidate is/has

Solution Oriented and positive catalyst / Technical culture / Person oriented / Agile, adaptive, responsive / Capable of unfolding operations in a difficult, volatile and chaotic environment / available to move to the missions and projects whenever necessary


  • Open-ended contract, full-time, based in Rome with visits to Brussels
  • Starting date : immediate

Deadline for applications is 18/01/2017 - CV and motivation letter to send to with the following reference: “LogCell-2 application”