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Good Pharmacy Practices / Coach Pharma Mobile Implementation Officer (MIO) (m/f)


The Medical Department framework

The aim of the Medical Department is to improve the quality of MSF interventions in the field. This is done through 3 main activities: direct support to the field (field visits, technical advices etc.), training of MSF medical staff according to defined policies and support to operational research.

The Medical Department is divided in several units, with different roles. Several persons are also employed for short period to work on specific dossiers.

The pharmacists’ role in OCB

Access to essential medicines is one of the major concerns for MSF Medical and Operational departments. Through their expertise and in collaboration with the other departments, pharmacists are responsible for the policies related to the procurement, management and use of medicines, therapeutic foods and medical devices in the MSF missions/projects. The core activities covered by HQ pharmacists go from the evaluation of the quality of pharmaceuticals to the establishment of good storage/distribution standards and dispensing activities, enforcing standards WHO practices all along the life-cycle of pharmaceuticals.

Place in the organization

  • The Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) MIO is hierarchically accountable to the Pharmacy Management Referent and also works in close collaboration with the Drug Management Pharmacist and other members of Pharmacy Unit according to their respective responsibilities. S/he also works in close collaboration with other members of the health structure team such as medical staff and nursing staff.
  • S/he will be part of the Pharma Unit.

General Objective(s) of the position

  • To perform field visits to selected missions to evaluate the standard of Good Pharmacy Practices in place at end-user level.
  • To support the missions visited in implementing the minimum standards for Good Pharmacy Practice as outlined in the OCB Good Pharmacy Practice policy, under the guidance of the Pharmacy Management Referent and Drug Management Pharmacist.
  • To provide training and support tools to assist and facilitate the process of improving Good Pharmacy Practice in the mission.
  • To coach first mission pharmacists in the debut of their missions in complex contexts or upon request from Section Pharmacist, Pool Manager and Ops.

Specific objectives

  • To support the Pharmacy Management Referent and Drug Management Pharmacist through implementation of the OCB Good Pharmacy Practice policy in all OCB missions.
  • To give a technical support to OCB missions and the cells in order to clarify problems arising in the area of Good Pharmacy Practices in end-user units.
  • To perform field visits to selected missions to evaluate the use of Good Pharmacy Practices at the end-user unit level of all projects.
  • During the visit, to provide training and support to relevant health staff responsible for management of medication at the end-user units.
  • To assist project teams in ensuring drug distribution and control in end-user units including standard list establishment and maintenance, clear and coherent distribution flow with adapted tools, and systems in place for consumption analysis.
  • To collaborate with project medical teams in implementing systems for optimal use of medicines through the analysis of prescriptions (clarity of prescriptions/diagnoses/protocols).
  • To support project teams to ensure a high standard of quality in medication administration in end-user units (including good dispensing practices and safe use of oral and injectable medicines).
  • To assist in facilitating of an effective communication network within the medical team and with other parties on stock levels, stock-outs, pre-stock-outs, use of new products, prescription status etc. and incorporating feedback systems for quality assurance.
  • To provide back-up for the Pharmacy Management Referent and/or Drug Management Pharmacist while she/he is on leave, meeting or on field visit.
  • To coach first missions pharmacists.

Main activities related to objectives

Standard setting

  • To support the Pharmacy Management Referent and Drug Management Pharmacist to monitor the adherence to OCB standards for Good Pharmacy Practice.

capacity building

  • To work together with the medical teams of OCB missions to improve the quality of medicines management in end-user units, building upon existing knowledge and understanding.

Pharma HR, Briefings and trainings

  • To provide training to the concerned mission staff(s) during field visits when requested and ensures knowledge transfer on new policies, protocols, guidelines, tools etc.
  • To brief any staff that will be involved with end-user unit management in the field (Project Medicals Responsible, Nursing Directors, Project Pharmacists, etc.) regarding Good Pharmacy Practice.
  • To participate in Pharmacy related trainings upon request.

Participation in the Medical Department activities and meetings

  • To participate in all meetings of the Medical Department and Pharma Unit. S/he should also participate in the Coordinator Week and Annual Review of Operations when requested.
  • To participate in transversal collaborations in multi-disciplinary platforms (such as PATIO) when requested.

Coaching of first mission pharmacists

  • To ensure comprehension by the first mission pharmacists of roles and responsibilities of pharmacists in OCB.
  • To ensure adherence of first mission pharmacists to MSF procedures and policies.
  • Available to provide field support in other areas (good distribution practice, warehouse management, etc.) should situations arise, in case of urgent need – under the technical supervision of the relevant referent within the pharma unit.

Candidate Profile

  • Degree in Pharmacy (or equivalent diploma according to the country of origin of the pharmacist).
  • Experience in hospital pharmacy.
  • Experience with implementing/upholding Good Pharmacy Practices (including aspects such as good dispensing practices and safe medication practices).
  • Pharmacist with minimum of 3 years of field experience with MSF.
  • Ability to work and report independently.
  • Willingness to visit and support projects at a short notice.
  • Experience working as a clinical pharmacist is an asset.
  • Good communication skills, notably the capacity to act as an adviser and a trainer.
  • Team worker- Strong organizational capacity- Ethical and professional attitude- Effective problem solving- Computer literacy- ability to analyse information.
  • Fluency in English (French, Spanish and Arabic are assets).


  • Field Contract fixed term 1 year – Full time position - based in Brussels but with frequent field visits (75%)
  • Salary according to MSF-OCB Field salary scale
  • Starting : immediate

CV + cover letter to be sent before 18/01/2017 to MSF, Caroline Maes, Rue de L’Arbre Bénit 46 – 1050 Ixelles or to, stating GPP MIO position in the title