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Run the Brussels 20k and help us build an emergency unit for the hospital in Bangassou

Help us to build an emergency unit for the hospital in Bangassou (cost 89,777 euros) in the Central African Republic by running for MSF on 28 May. Registration is 30 euros and you are invited to raise a minimum of 40 euros in sponsorship. Registration is open until 15 May.

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Tempted to visit this country ?

We’ve been talking about the Central African Republic for some months now, you can discover the country here.

practical information about the 20k of brussels

  • Date: Sunday, 28 May 2017
  • Place: Parc du Cinquantenaire (Brussels), around the fountain
  • How to get there? You know that Brussels is one of the most congested cities in Europe, right? You don’t want to miss the start of the 20 km, do you?! So, we recommend you take public transport. Addition information here.
  • Where is the MSF stand?


  • Questions before 28 May? contact us on 02/474.79.05 or by email via
  • Contact on the big day only: Anne-Sophie Damster 0473/89.19.98
  • Running number and T-shirt: If you registered before 1 May, you should receive them in the post shortly. If you registered after this, your T-shirt and running number will be waiting you at the MSF stand on the day itself. You should not go to the 20 km Office to collect them. You will find all of the information about your starting box on the package of your running number.
  • Schedule

09:00: MSF stand opens: drink + fruit, mini-locker room for your personal belongings, small changing area, relaxation area, exhibition on Bangassou, meeting point for your friends and supporters.

09:15: Smile at the MSF tent (MSF team photo)

09:30 - 10:00: Head over to your starting box depending on your wave

From 11:00 onwards: Bowl of pasta and drinks for the runners, relax

More information on the emergency unit for the hospital in Bangassou

This new emergency unit is crucial for the hospital. It’s not only the place where critical cases are taken care of, it is also the reception area for all patients coming to the hospital of Bangassou (except for pregnant women). 
Patients arrive here, and are then redirected towards the specific unit that can take care of their needs.

Salle actuelle des urgences de l'hôpital de Bangassou
Current emergency room at the hospital of Bangassou, 2016.  © MSF
La salle d'urgence actuellement en construction
The emergency room under construction. 2016.  ©MSF
Plan de la nouvelle salle d'urgence de Bangassou
Plan of the new emergency room of Bangassou.  © MSF.  2016. 

In collaboration with Sportifs pour MSF.